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Turkey Tearror After Pictures

Turkey Tearror after the shot


Pinpoint Accuracy Without A Pass Through Provides Unmatched Turkey Hunting Advantage

" Fits any arrow, aim for the body, no more fly away birds"

For diehard bowhunting enthusiasts, there are few greater thrills than harvesting a trophy tom. That’s why industry leader American Broadhead Company has introduced the latest in its renowned product line — the all-new for 2008 American Broadhead Turkey Tearror 100 Grain broadheads for turkey hunters.

This innovative new broadhead features the company’s signature replaceable three-blade design, providing a 1 3/16” cutting diameter and unstoppable turkey “tearing” properties. The challenge in bowhunting turkeys often lies in connecting with the bird’s relatively small vital area approximately the size of a softball — on an animal that’s not known for its calm demeanor. American Broadhead’s Turkey Tearror 100 Grains’ accurate flight and massive cutting diameters, while preventing a pass through, and will ensure that you won’t go home from the woods empty handed.

American Broadhead uses 0.036” thick, 420SS “DenseMax” treated blades that are 50 percent tougher than ordinary stainless steel. These specialized blades are designed to silently deliver 100 percent of your bow’s kinetic energy, providing maximum shock right into your bird. Plus, the company’s patented “Zero Plane Technology” uses the arrow’s impact energy to force the three perfectly balanced blades together. This unique design also prevents arrow pass through, to help eliminate turkeys from turning into the “one that got away.”

Each of the American Broadhead Turkey Tearror 100 Grain’s three blades can be individually replaced. And fear not, American Broadhead’s products are 100 percent guaranteed — if they aren’t the most accurate broadhead you’ve ever used, you could return them for a full refund.


Jason Tignor

I wanted to say thank you for developing such an OUTSTANDING line of broad heads!!!! I was fortunate enough to take my first RIO Grande this season with the new Turkey Tearrors. I shot him at 21 yards and as expected from my testing the arrow flew perfectly to my point of aim. I shoot the same bow for turkey that I shoot for every other animal I hunt. I shoot a Mathews Switchback XT that shoots 297 fps with 70 lbs of kinetic energy. Though my arrow did pass all the way through the bird, it delivered quiet a wallop to him before it came out. You can see and hear how hard it hit him in the short video I provided. He left a blood trail like a deer, and anyone that has ever shot a turkey with a bow will tell you that isn't something you see very often. Your company has made a believer out of me, and I will be shooting American Broadhead Company heads for a long time to come. Keep the quality products coming!!

Jason Tignor
Pro Staff

I just wanted to say thanks for developing such an awesome broad head!!  I took a long beard already this season with your new turkey terrors.  I shot him at 10 yards (steps) and the arrow was still in him as he flopped down the hill a bit.  I don’t turn my bow down for turkey.  I shoot a Diamond Liberty and I think it shoots around 292 with the equipment I have on it.  You have got me convinced!

I am telling my friends what I killed him with and I will not go out in the woods turkey hunting without them. John Paap