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These are excerpts from Forums:

I am shooting the Liberty 125 grain broadheads. They shoot to the same point of impact as my field points. I love these broadheads.

The Liberty is the same thing basically as the Sonic, only a larger cutting diameter. It is really awesome! Their accuracy and durability really shocked all of us. We were not gentle with them in any way; we were intentionally rough with them!!!

The Liberty Head has a larger cutting diameter than the competitors, and showed greater penetration in our tests. Also, it was a slight bit better in accuracy. You cannot go wrong with these heads.

The heads are well designed and built like a tank. Blades were sharp. I shot them out to 60 yards and they flew dead on with my field tips. In fact, I shaved a few fletchings off. I was most impressed with the blade retention system. I doubt these blades will pop off. On top of all this, the people at the American Broadhead Company were phenomenal.

I have never in my life had that much penetration. Heard the same from my customers. They said, it goes thru so quick. The animal doesn't know what happened.

Excellent heads, tough, accurate and penetrate deeply. This years blades are even sharper, they just keep getting better.

I could screw on my arrow and go shot it just like the advertisement says.

After reading 5 shots review of the Sonic Broadhead, I decided to try them for myself…I got the 125gr Sonic and all I can say is WOW! These are the best flying fixed blade I've ever tried!

I shot an arrow with a Sonic bh on it, to see if their claim would be true for me too. Not only did I hit 4 out of 5 2” dots at 20 yds, but the arrows went completely through my targets without adjusting my sights! I looked on the package and there's a warning stating “Most bag targets will not stop these broadheads.” They weren't kidding! Man am I stokes! Come on September!

These are Testimonials from

I use 100 grain Sonics and love them; they fly right with my field points, and are very, very sharp.

I bought a pack of the Sonic 125's (1 inch diameter) they fly accurately out to 60- yards, same accuracy as filed points.

I tested them myself and they have to be the deadliest broadheads I have ever used.

The kicker is that the shorter head is better, as it will be much stronger, penetrate better, and believe it or not, leave a bigger hole.

They assembled easily. From the first shot to the last they hit right with my field to 40 yards. They seem to hold their edge really well. I'm quite impressed.

I'm shooting the 125-grain Sonic and I'm very impressed with the accuracy of these broadheads…they are grouping right with my field points out to 50 yards! I think pinpoint accuracy and penetration are the 2 key things to look for in a broadhead…the Sonics have both.

I use sonic 100s and they work great. In my opinion they are great heads, they fly very well, and will go through anything.

The old wisdom that it had been proven a 3:1 head was the ultimate in penetration has now been proven wrong. In the near future long heads will be dinosaurs.

125 Liberty is a great head! It flies great up to 40 yds., very stable and dart like.

E-mail excerpts from our fans:

You've probably heard it a thousand times already, but THANKS!!!! for making the Sonic broadhead. I have tried 8 brands and styles of broadheads trying to get them to fly in the same hole as my field points with my new bow, but to no avail I went out on a limb again this morning, and bought the Sonic 125gr., then went to the range. Yippee!!! They were perfect! I was a bit skeptical, because every manufacturer CLAIMS their head flies like a field tip, but the Sonic REALLY DOES!
- Jeff Hamilton

This year I went hunting with your broadheads...the accuracy was amayzing, they flew just as advertised. My Black Hole target can barely stop them. Thanks for a fine product. – Dan Tetkoskie

Your Concern for customer satisfaction is amayzing. – Randy Onica

I am sending you this email about your broadheads. I have tried them, and WOW! I have never hit the 12 ring so many times at 40 yds. Thank you for making an awesome broadhead!
– Mike Villarreal

I recently visited and hunted plains game animals in South Africa. The sonic head 100 was magnificent! The wildebeest dropped at under 100 yards. I took 2 impala, a gemsbok, and a Kudu, of which none of these animals went more than 50 yards. Thank you for such a promising product. – Ed McClain

With the exception of a heat seeking guided broadhead- it will be impossible to ever take the 125 grain Sonics from this bow hunter. – Neil Stratton

I finally did some of the penetration tests with your broad heads…I posted them on the Mathews forum a couple of days ago. The Sonic flew so perfectly I was shocked. I think it put to rest all the questions people had about the broadhead….Great Product. Thanks. – Brad Cowan

A nearby archery shop did it's own test by shooting all their broadheads into ½” plate aluminum. Not only did the sonic penetrate the deepest, it was the only broadhead that stayed intact. Good job guys!

I am a custom knife maker and I know what a sharp head will do. I finally found a head that I'll be sticking with. Thanks. – Nathan