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Most archers have found that they can group their field points well at distances about 50% longer than that of their broadhead tipped arrows. Since Sonics fly exactly like field points, the well practiced archer can increase his hunting area with them. A circle with a 45 yard radius contains 7,065 square yards while a circle with a 30 yard radius only contains 2826 square yards. By dedicating the time and shooting these high accuracy heads, you can gain up to 250% more area to hunt from the same location! As we at ABC only condone hunting at ethical shot distances; be sure to know all the variables such as equipment, weather, shot position, and deer alertness that can affect your shooting ability. Continued practice and experience are the only way to know what distances and conditions provide ethical shooting opportunities for yourself. Please see FAQ#14.

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Mike Avery

Sonic Heads are the heads that changed the way the industry looked at broadheads. Our competitors have tried to emulate our performance by making their old products shorter; but they don't have our patented "Zero Plane Technology" blade design which yields perfect balance and silent flight. Sonic 75 /100 grain heads feature a 7/8" cut dia. while the 85/125 grain weight have a 1.0" cut dia. Sold in six packs, Sonic Heads remain the highest price to performance ratio in the industry!

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Sonic Pros are all new for 2007. Available in 85,100, and 125 grain weights,they all feature our 1.0" cut dia. "DenseMax" blades coupled with our new stouter center ferrule. Sold in three packs with a free set of target practice blades included, Sonic Pros are the ultimate Sonics!

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Mike Baker / ABC Pro Staff Shooter
Bowhunting Pro Staff

Pete Sisson
ABC Pro Staff Shooter

Sonic Pro 100's

How have Sonics performed on big game in Africa?

Check out Jack Kolo's six African trophies taken with Sonic 100's.

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Independent Test Results From


  • Plywood: 5 points
  • Steel drum: 6 points
  • Tire: 4 points
  • Cutting diameter: 2 points
  • Accuracy: 5 points
  • Blades: 3 points
  • Non-Mechanical head: 2 points
  • Total score: 27 with a blade sharpness rating of A+
  • Plywood: complete penetration, no damage.
  • Steel drum: complete penetration of both sides, no damage.
  • Tire: full penetration, no damage.

The 85 grn Sonic head is pretty much the same as the 100 grn version with the exception that the ferule is made from aluminum instead of steel. The blades and locking system are the same however. . The accuracy is outstanding, shooting as well as any mechanical head I have tested and the penetration is excellent. The blade sharpness is scary sharp and the durability excellent. Overall the 85 grn Sonic takes all the great features of the all steel Sonic line and puts them into a lighter weight aluminum version. If you're looking for a light weight super accurate fixed blade broadhead that penetrates like a hot knife through butter, take a good hard look at the 85 grn Sonic, I think you will like what you find.

“I am very pleased with the results as the product does perform the way your website and advertising states.”
– David Dano

“Thank you so much! I am so impressed not only with the way the Sonics shoot - dead on all the way out to my max range of 50 yards – but also with the service and kindness you have shown. American Broadhead Co. has just gotten a lifetime customer and advocate.
– Paul Neidhardt

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