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Performance Testing

Just Added:
Stuart Walker shot many top rated broadheads at a military bullet proof vest Kevlar insert. Picture #1 shows all of the other heads stuck in the vest without penetrating the Kevlar insert. This pic also shows the Sonic Head with minimal damage after it flew through the Kevlar. Picture #2 shows the hole caused by the superior strength and penetration of the Sonic Head. (click on either image to view larger photos)


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Destruction Testing

Matt Smith sent us the pictures below after he did some destruction testing at home.

"...The shot was taken from 20 yards out and passed thru the 22 gage steel plate with no problem. In fact it traveled another 12 yards or so and stuck in the dirt. Needless to say, after examining the head after the shot I was pleased."

Destruction Testing: before
Destruction Testing: hole through steel plate
Destruction Testing: after
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