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Our Liberty Head Broadheads are scaled up versions of our Sonics. Proportionally the same, Liberty Heads have a cut dia. of 1 3/16". Originally designed as an optimum head with which to hunt Bear over bait, Liberty Heads are recommended for shooting shorter distances and for lower speed traditional bow set ups. With their large cut dia, Liberty Heads cause extreme internal damage on game!

Exit hole on 385lb Arkansas Black Bear
Photo courtesy of Bobby Boswell

"The Liberty Head caused the most damage I have ever seen in
harvesting over 700 animals. It passed completely through this Elk from the
front and went out the rear!"

While our Pro Staffers regularly shoot great distances with the Liberty Heads, archers should keep in mind that all large broadheads are less forgiving than smaller ones. It is important to use a well tuned bow, a concentric arrow, and good shooting form when shooting these heads over 30 yards.

Due to the perfect balance and silent flight of our solid blade design, Liberty Heads bring a new performance level to large diameter broadheads. Recently, proclaimed that our Liberty Heads were the deepest penetrating 1 3/16” diameter head that they have ever tested. In our performance tests using a tuned bow and our shooting machine, the Liberty Heads repeated the phenomenal accuracy of our Sonic Heads. Archers should keep in mind, however, that all large diameter broadheads are less forgiving than smaller ones. Therefore, it is important to use a tuned bow and good form or a minor slight adjustment might be necessary. Easton Archery has an excellent arrow-tuning guide on their web site: .

Liberty Heads are designed specifically for archers who demand extreme penetration and silence, but prefer a larger cut diameter broadhead. Typical users are archers who take game at less than 30 yards or shoot at a known distance over bait.
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Independent Test Results From


  • Plywood: 5 points
  • Steel drum: 6 points
  • Tire: 4 points
  • Cutting diameter: 3 points
  • Accuracy: 4 points
  • Blades: 3 points
  • Non-Mechanical head: 2 points
  • Total score: 27 with a blade sharpness rating of A+
  • Plywood: full penetration, no damage.
  • Tire: full penetration, no damage.
  • Steel drum: full penetration of both sides, no damage.

The Liberty heads are basically a larger version of the sonic line of broadheads. The main differences being the ferules are made from aluminum rather than steel. The blades and blade retention system are identical however. The cutting diameter for the 125 is also a more conventional 1 3/16” vs. 1” for the all steel sonic 125 grn. Overall these are some pretty impressive broadheads. The blade sharpness is excellent and they penetrate better than any other full size head I have tested. In fact this is the only 3 blade over 1 1/8” to fully penetrate BOTH sides of the steel drum! The accuracy was excellent but more like that of a standard sized broadhead. With a well tuned bow and proper fletching these heads will shoot well. If you're searching for mechanical like accuracy you will probably prefer the smaller Sonic line of heads but on the other hand, if you want a full size broadhead the penetrates like a small one, shoots well and holds together, then these 125 grn Liberty heads would make an excellent choice.

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