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elk hunters

Why the Sonic 125 is now the Favorite of Elk Hunters

This is Randy Onica from Rosebush, MI.  I contacted you first in Lansing at the show at the Lansing Center.  I looked at your broadheads and everything you told me about the broadhead seemed to make sense.  I had my first elk hunt planned in Montana (Sept. 11 through Sept. 16) and decided that I had to give them a try.  Our outfitter was at the show, and questioned the size of the heads and advised against their use.  While practicing in my backyard, I felt their performance compared to my fieldpoints was excellent with no noticeable difference in accuracy from broadhead to fieldpoint.

To make a long story short I had two shots at a bull elk.  The first shot was a complete miss, with an extreme uphill shot, and a case of "bull fever", I shot too low.  Unfortunately for the bull, my brother was standing nearby and hit the bull.  What appeared to be a perfect hit resulted in a long tracking job with little blood.  We found the bull the next morning.  He was using an expandable head (I think Sidewinders).

My opportunity came two days later on the fifth day of a six day hunt.  "Bull fever" was still an issue but I kept it together for a shot at 18 to 20 yards slightly downhill and almost completely broadside.  The arrow hit near the shoulder, penetrated through the shoulder bone (with a resounding thud) and lodged in a rib on the opposite side.  The bull went 35 yards and fell over.  Time from shot to final breath was about 15 seconds all within view of me, my guide and my brother (he came along for camera work).  We were all in disbelief.  My brother's first comment was "I gotta get me some of those heads, you really messed him up, it was like hitting him with a 300 Magnum!”.  We later discovered after field dressing that his angle at the shot was slightly quartering toward me, just a touch, but the head held together and I feel, made a huge difference going through that front shoulder blade which at point of impact was at least 1/4 inch thick.  The head was buried in the opposite side rib three or four from the last.

The guide, my brother, and especially myself, was very impressed with the performance of the Sonic 125.  I will continue to use your heads unless they legalize "Dukes of Hazard" dynamite style heads.  They work and work well.  Thanks for all of the correspondence and support.  My elk hunt was a huge success and I attribute much of that success to the business end of my arrows carrying "dynamite" in the form of the Sonic 125.

Feel free to share my story, my comments and my adulation of your product with anyone that needs that nudge to give them a try.  They won't be disappointed, I sure wasn't.  I look forward to using them on whitetails this fall.  They had better watch out!

Randy Onica